Running From A Bear With Your Arms

by Tripping Hazard

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this is our last offering for you guys. we started recording this in the summer of 2010, and despite tripping hazard's demise in the winter of 2011, we wanted to finish this final bunch of songs and give them to you. enjoy, and thanks for all the support over the (many) years.


released February 28, 2012

all songs by tripping hazard, copyright 2012 wombat ending, except 'knitting pubic afghans' by tripping hazard and bojana jankovic.
tripping hazard is:
lucky pierre- bass, vocals, guitar
pixie strokum- guitar, vocals, bass, cello
the pink christ- drums
proxy bypass- keys, vocals
recorded and mixed by derek edwards at humber north campus, the halton, ostrich studios, and the jon dalton house. additional recording by lucky at the halton.
album art by pixie, photography by jon dalton.



all rights reserved
Track Name: 100 Months
the phone rings from where i am sitting on the floor
surrounded by month-old dirt and grime
i don't even recognize your voice
i am lost until you say your name

so, what are you calling for?
where were you a hundred months before?
i can't speak and now you've landed at my side

i hear your footsteps from my desk
we say 'hello' like everything's the same
and when you disappear again
i won't give a fuck

i won't worry about you
you've got other plans

i'm not gonna miss you
Track Name: Sideways
don't push too hard, or not at all
it feels like midnight
but there is no time

why don't you walk on me?

dry heat and cold floors
i'm coming up short
through the taped-up windows
it's snowing outside

why don't you walk on me?
straighten my spine
i want to hide under the blankets with you for days

lost in your eyes
straighten my spine
i want to hide under the blankets with you for days
Track Name: Bitch Reflex
you know they can read you by your look
so don't make it worse, don't show that hurt
they can predict your next break
so just keep it in, don't say a word

i can't keep you quiet
even when i hold your tongue

i am on your shoulder
have another glass of wine
and the bitterness slips through the cracks

you know they can read you by your look
so don't make it worse, don't show the hurt
they don't respect you anyway
so just shut your mouth
just shut your mouth
Track Name: Licotine
walk through the door
i never know what to say
never know how much we've had to drink
i never know just how to fight
i want to fall through the floor
then apologize

you can't stay with me
it won't make things better

how will this conversation end?
will i end up in bed alone?
whiskey hangover hanging over every little word

you can't stay with me
it won't make things better
if we stay the same
one will be left behind

if we stay the same
everything goes backwards
when you stay the night
we're right back where we started

i'm not sorry that you had to go
i know it's for the better
Track Name: F Yourself
today words are not enough to say what i mean
and today i have fought enough to lose everything
so do you feel proud?

so find yourself a new release
changing me enough to be the enemy
find yourself comfort in knowing that it's killing me
it's killing me

babe, this is killing me
enough to mean it literally
Track Name: Knitting Pubic Afghans
i am sticky and tasting sweat
we're hardly breathing
i'm gonna stay this time
there is no light
only flesh
scars to claws
i'm gonna stay this time

i've chewed through miles of skin and bone
no one can violate these walls
i'm shaking lovers off like plague
you are the glow and i'm the end

i knew the others were too bland
you won't stray
i'm gonna stay this time

you are the glow
and i'm the end
Track Name: Thumbsucker
lying in our bed
my hands are moving all alone
in one small patch of sun
and i'm sucking on my thumb

i wish you were home, wish you were home
i'm pretending it's summer
and i'll cook you some dinner
later tonight

white dimpled flesh
yeah i could be thinner
5 o'clock light and the north west wind
my hands are moving all alone
Track Name: Beeflockerstothebeefloggers
slide inside
feel me within you
you need this
just one touch
take everything

kill my fears, drown them away
you do
i need you so much more than i told you
kill my fears, you want this from me
you do
i told you, i told you i would

squeeze my heart with your fisted tongue
it rips right through
it tears through and it takes you
Track Name: Cock Cobra (Take that Water Snake)
crack open another one and think that it won't drive me
to be like mother while i'm cleaning up your blood

i've said i'm sorry that this cake is ruined
and you know that i won't let go now

four to three and i know that you're gone
a condescending tone
standing in the doorway he wants to bash his head against the wall

i'm not giving up now, i will crawl for more
what, did you expect me to shut my mouth?

you'll never see the walls comin' down on you
you'll never fight like i do for the heat inside the sound

i have a razor heart
i have bigger plans
we are standing still
we are shit and dust

you'll never see the walls comin' down on you
you'll never fight like i do for the heat inside the sound
for the desecration of our dreams, the desecration of our love-in
it's all, it's all gonna turn around
Track Name: Lego Cities
look around yourself
everything came from what was natural
everything you see
everything came from what was here in the earth

doesn't that seem just a bit weird?

look around your house
mexico, china, thailand, indonesia
turn the other cheek
you stop ahead but you can't see your own feet any more

stand in your shoes
everyone is gonna lose
run out your fire escape
as your lego city starts to burn

look around yourself
everything came from what was here
in the earth

stand in your shoes
think of all the shit that you use
stand on your mountain top
as your lego cities melt away
Track Name: Urine Fire
the bottle and my deepest love fight
the night erases everything

i'm not afraid of being alone
and i'm afraid of everything

you're not fine
you're on fire

it's three a.m. and you're not there
the morning comes and we're entwined

i will stay away from fire
i'll fix this now i swear
no pretending, no repeating
i'll try

you're on fire
don't try to tell me you're fine
you're on fire
Track Name: Sola
i've lost my ribcage
and i've lost my spine

numbers and faces
ink, blood and chords
i'm outside of outside
off and on

and it all comes out
like underwater

when nothing's wrong
i have nothing to say
dark chocolate headache
that won't go away

(i'm catching sparks from the shore)
anger barely spans the distance
when you're selfish and a smart ass
hedonism running all the things i say
Track Name: Rapidly Drying Pope Head
the combination of medication and monotony
nostalgic sip, slip through the nod
forty-five more that i know
rage unseen through the distant dial tone

repeat, repeat, repeat

twenty-nine more, six hours and thirty-two minutes to go
thirty-eight more, five hours and twenty-seven minutes to go

i just want to shut up and sleep
eyes stuck shut
Track Name: Flamingo Transfusion
green light glow, with my face against your chest
naked and being, i hear every tremor
of your lips, tongue, teeth
and quiet
choke on fear

he asks me how i feel, and i don't know
i'm so uncertain in this skin
and i keep breathing
i don't wanna let go
white knuckles with black nails
i'm gonna run right backwards to you
until i find the light

and we've never quite found the trust
and i've done this so many times
i'm a selfish little cunt, you think i'd learn my lesson
and i'd shut my fucking mouth

i'm going to fuck myself so that i can feel
and i promise i won't take it for granted