It Can't Be Pounding In Your Head If It's Throbbing In Your Loins

by Tripping Hazard

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pixie strokum: guitars, vocals
lucky pierre: bass, vocals
the pink christ: drums, percussion

also featuring...
reuben o'dell-barkow: guitar (centipede)
rob clarkson: guitar (intruder)
ian young: vocals (remain)
jon dalton: slide guitar (call me)
jimmy "steak" mclean: vocals (call me)
jeannine dulac: vocals (call me)

recorded at skylight by tyler dewitt and ostrich studios by lucky pierre

mixed/mastered by lucky pierre and the pink christ

cover art by pixie strokum

all songs written by pixie strokum and tripping hazard


released August 14, 2008

Tripping Hazard
copyright 2008 Wombat Ending



all rights reserved
Track Name: Centipede
now the secret's out- not everything
not the hours in bed, on couches, in parks
just feeling right
but everybody wants one last time
and he kisses my cheek

i drink from the bottle to ignore the rush he gives
like the more subdued glow that i get from you
"he'll never hurt you," he says
and i just nod
"he's not like you, he's not like you."

i'll lean back, guitar in hand
balancing pick and whiskey in the other
everyone will break me in the end anyways
so i can sing of the pain next to him

he holds on one moment longer
but i can let go
hey i can leave without his love
whispering "anytime,"
the words she said inside my head
i'll go home, sleeping single
maybe i'll dream of him, more likely of you
Track Name: Vanilla
vanilla tastes like nothing to me
you think i'm heaven sent
well not so innocent

nobody wants to play
i'm mine, not yours anyway
what am i? i'm overdue
so i'm taking this for you

do you feel the sting of facing the answers?
blinded from the first word
afraid to reach inside

when my body hits his floor
when the secrets spill like water over me
did he tell you? did he caress you?
i know, it feels so right

nobody needs to say
i feed my fire everyday
once i was more than you
i'm taking this
Track Name: Intruder
looking at you through veiled coloured lights
your perfection, it shines
my hands trace your spine
close my eyes and i he enters my mind

my thought clear at your voice
i can keep my secrets
i just want you to be inside

well do i want this anymore?
and still i let him hurt me (get out of my head)
i need this for my sanity
get out of my
get out of my fucking head

tell me i'm beautiful and you touch my face
cuz you are no mistake
everything is right- your love, your lips, this place
just one touch and i begin to shake

all my songs will be for you
all there is remains
and he's inside my brain

cuz i got what i need
now i want what i want
get out of my fucking head
Track Name: Porcelain Blue
holding onto porcelain, looking into ice
and it's only moments 'til you're gone
days later saying "no,"
saying "look at me,"
look into the fire- your eyes are blue and cold
your fingers are on my shoulders
and i still taste your lips on mine

well i can be anything you need
give me something
after all i've done
and all i could do

one more night, set me free one more time
i want to wake up to the dawn in your arms
don't you want me anymore?
am i so different from all your other whores?

just want you to break my heart
don't tell me that we could be, but you can't
cuz you relate so differently
don't tell me that you love me like that
you know i need it so bad
like these feeling would only hurt me
can't you see that i'm still wanting?

he asks: "do you want me forever?
i'm not your quick fix, i'm your long-term solution
i can only fall for days and you're worth so much more."

well if i'm worth so much more
if i'm worth so much more why am i shut down
and you are walking out that door?
Track Name: Remain
is this all that remains?
i didn't mean to intrude
you should know my worship
now you know i'm weak

this is all i can say
hands on my back
i'm sick inside
she's on the other side

the kisses, caresses
but all i want is you to see

it's so much more to me
so much more, lying on your floor
and i'm right beside you
she's in your arms, she's so much more

well i don't believe in love
this is why i don't believe in you

you took me in your shelter
always second rate, second place
even when you held on so tight
your hands still strayed, they stayed entwined

why can't you just say no?

let it out to you and this is how you'll
just take what's there
what can you do?
let me say it, then forget it
you'll just take what's left
i didn't know i had a heart
'til it lay at your feet

oh you want to help?
well i can tell

cuz your arms are tight around her
lips are locked forever
and you're saying that you love me
you were saying that i'm so much more
why do you sleep like children?
your arms are tight around her

i'll get high to believe in love
Track Name: Call Me
i hang up the phone
dead silence in my ears
flash through all those times
your eyes

curled up next to you
call me beautiful, call me what you will
i have given you more than you know
and i'll only give you more

can't i make you mine?
you touch my cheek
"babe, you're just like me
but you don't love yourself"
help me heal
why can't you feel what i'm needing
you to be?

be mine

i can't get you alone
i would chase you for miles with not one look back
and all i want is your hand
and i guess that's just too much to ask

tell me what to say when all the others get to stay
this is where words, they fail me

i'm sorry if i pushed you away, i'd do anything to make you stay
and be mine