it can't be pounding in your head if it's throbbing in your groin

by Tripping Hazard

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our first official release, recorded in the basement of our north york house.


released December 3, 2005

pixie strokum- guitar, vocals
lucky pierre- bass, vocals
the pink christ- drums
reuben- guitar, vocals
all songs written by pixie and tripping hazard, except midnight light and danger misplaced, written by bojana jankovic, pixie and tripping hazard.
copyright wombat ending 2005
recorded, mixed and mastered at trinket trance studio by lucky and pinky



all rights reserved
Track Name: vanilla
vanilla tastes like nothing to me
you think i'm heaven sent
well not so innocent

nobody wants to play
i'm mine, not yours anyway
what am i? i'm overdue
i'm taking this for you

panic, do you feel the sting of facing the answers?
we're blinded from the first words
afraid to reach inside

when my body hits his floor
when the secrets spill like water over me
did he tell you, did he caress you?
i know, it feels so right

nobody needs to say
i feed my fire everyday
once i was more than you
i'm taking this
Track Name: call me
i hang up the phone, dead silence in my ears
flash through all those times, your eyes
curled up next to you, call me beautiful, call me what you will
i have given you more than you know
and i'll only give you more

can't i make you mine?
you touch my cheek
'babe you're just like me, but you don't love yourself'
so help me heal
why can't you feel what i'm needing you to be?
be mine

i can't get you alone
i would chase you for miles with not one look back
all i want is your hand, but i guess that's just too much to ask

so tell me what to say when all the others get to stay
this is where words, they fail me

i'm sorry if i've pushed you away
i'd do anything to make you stay and be mine
Track Name: midnight light
with all my fears, still i laid them all on you
i heard the words before you spoke
a little piece is all i need

i'll be your heroine, i'll be your best concubine
and i will not inflict myself on others
i'll be your heroine, i'll be right there when you call
no obligations here, send me away when you want

i've put in for this
my veins are black from bleeding so dry
wish that you could see through to bare emotion
a little piece is all i need

i won't scream unless you want me too

i want your satan-stares
i'll be your green-eyed worship
i'll let you take me when you want
don't ever stop, just never stop
Track Name: danger misplaced
scissors in my pocket for a good show
cut away some, watch the blood flow
flickering the lighter, my desire
my hand is on fire

watch me, watch me and it feels so good
to be on this ledge high and you stood so close to me
and you understood danger misplaced

insane, not acting like we give a damn
dare me and she'll show you
you won't ever try again
the pain, it means so much, it means nothing
there's nothing left to lose and nothing's there to gain

the knife is not serrated, razor blade glide
coming up now from my insides
close my eyes and bleed the deeper scars clean
i will not flinch, we will not scream

come gawk at me and it's oh-so-cool
never made a sound, never meant to fool
be still, take the rush and it's just a tool
danger misplaced

the souls left for finding